Make sure you have your item ID from your Martmox purchase (found in your order confirmation) and a link to the identical item on the approved retailers' website.
The list of the Approved Retailers' websites is available on this page. If you still need help, Contact our customer service team to check the Approved Retailers' websites and our T&Cs to ensure the product is eligible for the lowest Price Guarantee.
If approved, we’ll give you a voucher to spend on Martmox. The voucher amount will be 110% of the difference in price with the lowest priced item available on the approved retailers' website. Happy shopping! Max discount $50, claim limits apply.

What qualifies for our Lowest Price Guarantee? 


Eligible Products

We will beat price of all items available on the website.

From Approved retailers' Websites

To be eligible, the item should be available from an Approved retailer's website.

Identical and Available

Both items (listed on Martmox and the approved online retail website) should be exactly the same and currently in stock.

More Info


Which online retail websites does the Martmox Lowest Price Guarantee apply to?

The Lowest Price Guarantee covers over 120 of Australia’s top retailers. See detailed list of approved retailers' website.

What does Lowest Price Guarantee cover?

You are covered for the difference between the price you paid on Martmox (including shipping costs), and the price of an identical product (including shipping costs) on an approved online retail website. For example, if you are an Eligible Buyer and pay $100 for an Eligible Product during the Promotion Period but then see it within 50 hours on an Approved Retailer’s website for $90 (including shipping costs), we’ll give you a Martmox voucher (redeemable on www.martmox.com.au) for the price difference (including shipping costs) plus an additional 10% of the difference price (exc. GST) (i.e. $10 for the difference plus $1). Therefore, the total Martmox voucher value will be $11.00.

Are shipping costs included in the Martmox Lowest Price Guarantee?

Yes. We compare the full transaction cost including shipping on Martmox.com.au and the online retail website to determine if the Lowest Price Guarantee is warranted.

How does Martmox reimburse me if I find an identical item for less on an approved online retail website?

If Martmox’s customer service agent can confirm the difference in prices, Martmox will provide you with a voucher. Upon confirmation, you’ll be issued with a voucher that can be used towards your next Martmox purchase. Vouchers will expire within 90 days. Martmox reserves the right to cancel them in the event that a purchase is canceled or returned. Martmox also reserves the right to deny claims in the event of buyer abuse/fraud and seller abuse/fraud.

Does the guarantee apply to the listing price or the price I actually paid for the Eligible Product?

Our guarantee applies to the price that you actually paid for the Eligible Product (including shipping costs) after applying any valid voucher, coupon, discount code or credit. If, for example, the Eligible Product was listed for $100 on Martmox, but you paid $80 after applying a discount code, the price on the Approved Retailers' website must be less than $80 for you to be eligible for a price difference voucher.

Who does this offer apply to?

This offer only applies to all Martmox users who have an Australian shipping address and have purchased a new, fixed price product on Martmox.

What happens if an item is returned?

If you decide to return the item, you’ll be refunded the purchase price minus the refunded amount subject to this offer.

Is there a maximum voucher amount that I can claim?

Vouchers are capped at $50 per claim and there is a Claim Limit of 1 per day and 10 per month.

Approved Online Retail Websites

  • adairs.com.au
  • addictedtoaudio.com.au
  • adidas.com.au
  • aldi.com.au
  • amartfurniture.com.au
  • amartsports.com.au
  • amazon.com.au
  • angusrobertson.com.au
  • appliancecentral.com.au
  • appliancesonline.com.au
  • audible.com.au
  • babybunting.com.au
  • bcf.com.au
  • beaconlighting.com.au
  • bestandless.com.au
  • betta.com.au
  • bigw.com.au
  • bikeexchange.com.au
  • binglee.com.au
  • bonds.com.au
  • bottlemart.com.au
  • bunnings.com.au
  • bws.com.au
  • camerahouse.com.au
  • campaustralia.com.au
  • canon.com.au
  • celebrations.com.au
  • cellarmasters.com.au
  • centrecom.com.au
  • citybeach.com.au
  • coles.com.au
  • computeralliance.com.au
  • connor.com.au
  • countryroad.com.au
  • cudo.com.au
  • danmurphys.com.au
  • davidjones.com.au
  • dealsdirect.com.au
  • dicksmith.com.au
  • digidirect.com.au
  • digitalcamerawarehouse.com.au
  • djcity.com.au
  • domayneonline.com.au
  • dotti.com.au
  • dwidigitalcameras.com.au
  • dyson.com.au
  • ebgames.com.au
  • factorie.com.au
  • fantasticfurniture.com.au
  • fishpond.com.au
  • footlocker.com.au
  • forevernew.com.au
  • freedom.com.au
  • gamesmen.com.au
  • generalpants.com.au
  • getprice.com.au
  • gluestore.com.au
  • godfreys.com.au
  • graysonline.com
  • harrisfarm.com.au
  • harrisscarfe.com.au
  • harveynorman.com.au
  • house.com.au
  • iga.com.au
  • itvsn.com.au
  • jaycar.com.au
  • jayjays.com.au
  • jbhifi.com.au
  • kathmandu.com.au
  • kitchenwarehouse.com.au
  • kmart.com.au
  • kogan.com
  • koganmobile.com.au
  • kookai.com.au
  • lasoo.com.au
  • lincraft.com.au
  • liquorland.com.au
  • localsearch.com.au
  • mightyape.com.au
  • millers.com.au
  • mimco.com.au
  • mitre10.com.au
  • mobileciti.com.au
  • msy.com.au
  • mwave.com
  • myer.com.au
  • newbalance.com.au
  • officeworks.com.au
  • oo.com.au
  • ozsale.com.au
  • peteralexander.com.au
  • petersofkensington.com.au
  • philips.com.au
  • ple.com.au
  • portmans.com.au
  • powershop.com.au
  • prettylittlething.com.au
  • pushys.com.au
  • rebelsport.com.au
  • rejectshop.com.au
  • revolveclothing.com.au
  • rivers.com.au
  • sanity.com.au
  • scorptec.com.au
  • shavershop.com.au
  • shop.auspost.com.au
  • shoppingsquare.com.au
  • snowys.com.au
  • sony.com.au
  • sportsgirl.com.au
  • starnow.com.au
  • stereo.net.au
  • storedj.com.au
  • strandbags.com.au
  • styletread.com.au
  • supre.com.au
  • sydneytools.com.au
  • www.sunglasshut.com/au
  • target.com.au
  • teds.com.au
  • templeandwebster.com.au
  • tentworld.com.au
  • thegoodguys.com.au
  • theiconic.com.au
  • tigermist.com.au
  • topbargains.com.au
  • totaltools.com.au
  • toysparadise.com.au
  • toysrus.com.au
  • umart.com.au
  • vaya.net.au
  • videopro.com.au
  • vintagecellars.com.au
  • westfield.com.au
  • wiggle.com.au
  • wildearth.com.au
  • winc.com.au
  • wine-searcher.com.au
  • witchery.com.au
  • woolworths.com.au
  • zanui.com.au
  • 4wdsupacentre.com.au
  • 99bikes.com.au

Terms & Conditions

Lowest Price Guarantee Terms & Condition

To ensure that Martmox comes to mind first when you shop is our objective. Because of our confidence in our sellers' rates, for a limited time only, if Eligible Buyers (described below) purchase an Eligible Product (described below) and later discover it for less on the website of an Approved Retailer (including shipping costs), we'll beat it by 10%. Approved Retailer means any online retailer listed Approved Retailers section, as amended from time to time. After applying any legitimate coupons, discounts, promo codes, or credits, the actual price you paid for the eligible product (including shipping charges) is covered by Martmox's Lowest Price Guarantee.
For example, if you are an Eligible Buyer and pay $100 for an Eligible Product during the Promotion Period but then see it within 50 hours on an Approved Retailer’s website for $90 (including shipping costs), we’ll give you a Martmox voucher (redeemable on www.martmox.com.au) for the difference plus an additional 10% of the difference price (exc. GST) (i.e. $10 for the difference plus $1). Therefore the total Martmox voucher value will be $11.00
This offer will be available for Eligible Buyers from 10.00 am (AEST) 7th Sep for the limited period that is displayed on www.martmox.com.au (the Promotion Period) and applies to purchases of items listed on www.martmox.com.au marked as (“Eligible Product”).
Without limiting other remedies and in addition to its rights under the User Agreement, Martmox reserves the right to revoke a price match, deny access to this offer, and cancel any provided voucher in the following situations:

  • you have provided false information, conspired with others to gain an unfair advantage or have otherwise been involved in any way in manipulating, interfering or tampering with the conduct of this offer to get advantage of the offer;
  • a sale or purchase of any item as part of this offer has not been made in good faith, including where Martmox considers that the buyer and seller may be related parties (such as family members or parties sharing the same dwelling); or
  • buyers or sellers have engaged in collusive conduct or any other conduct which Martmox considers unfair, manipulated, fraudulent or untoward.


During the Promotion Period, we will give you a Martmox voucher for the difference + 10% of the price difference (including shipping costs but excluding GST) under the Martmox Lowest Price Guarantee up to a maximum of $50 when:

  • the request is from an active and registered account on martmox.com.au. The account holder who: is an Australian resident, has purchased an Eligible Product on martmox.com.au, and has had that Eligible Product shipped to an Australian address (“Eligible Buyer”). Eligibility is limited to Eligible Products;
  • within 72 hours of purchasing an Eligible Product, the Martmox buyer locates a bona fide listing of an identical product from an Approved Retailer which is listed on the Approved Retailer’s official website;
  • both the Eligible Product that was purchased and the identical product on an Approved Retailer’s website are verified by Martmox customer service team at the time the price-check is conducted as being: new condition, fixed price, identical by a universal product identifier (e.g. UPC or brand + manufacturer part number), in-stock on the Approved Retailer’s website and available to ship to the buyer’s Australian address;
  • the Eligible Product is advertised on the Approved Retailer’s website at a price (including shipping costs but excluding GST) that is less than the price you paid (including shipping costs) for the Eligible Product after applying any valid coupon, voucher, discount code or credit;
  • you have not made any more than 10 Lowset price guarantee claims in any calendar month or more than one claim on the same day(Claim Limits).

Your claim for the Martmox Lowest Price Guarantee will be confirmed and approved by a member of the Martmox customer care team, and you will then be given a voucher from Martmox for the amount determined in accordance with these terms and conditions. The coupon cannot be combined with any other Martmox promotions or offers, nor can it be exchanged for cash. It has a 90-day expiration date after being issued and may only be redeemed on martmox.com.au. The maximum amount permitted for a voucher is $50.
Any attempt or collaboration by any buyer or seller to violate these terms and conditions, commit fraud, or take unfair advantage of the Lowest Price Guarantee program will be vigorously enforced, as will the Claim Limits. You consent to accept and be bound by these terms and conditions by making an Eligible Product purchase, and you also consent to the sole and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Queensland.

Not Covered

  • Any product that is not an Eligible Product.
  • Approved Retailer’s prices after applicable rebates, free offers, coupons, competitor clearance products and stock liquidations from an Approved Retailer’s website, specific offers based on bundled pricing, or where volume discounts or lot discounts are applied.
  • Identical products listed by Approved Retailers or sellers in martmox store listings.
  • An error or misprint on an Approved Retailer’s website.
  • Only one Eligible Product per Martmox buyer per day is permitted under the Martmox Lowest Price Guarantee.

Subject to change

This Lowest Price Guarantee policy is subject to change without notice. Martmox reserves the right to refuse any Lowest Price Guarantee claim request to prevent fraud/abuse and ensure the integrity of the Martmox website and to maintain the proper conduct of the business. All other Martmox terms and conditions and policies apply.